Want to learn something new?

Just reaching out as we have decided to put on a couple of training sessions here at Langford Lanes for league members to learn more about how to operate the tablets and its many useful functions/features as well as learn some of our house terminology to assist in an easier and smoother league session.

I am offering three different dates and times to choose from;

– Thursday October 13th at 1:00pm

– Monday October 17th at 3:00pm

– Tuesday October 18th at 5:00pm

*RSVP’s required so I can save enough lanes and space to accommodate the group size.

This is 100% optional for league members but hope many can take advantage of it to assist in alleviating some time sensitive changes like spares and their handicaps, score corrections or editing players on a week to week basis.

As a reminder, we do have some younger and new staff who missed out on experiencing the Mayfair and/or Town and Country era, and it does take quite a bit of time to learn the intricacies of the sport of bowling, and to cross train into mechanics, so your continued guidance and patience each week is very much appreciated as retaining staff is important to us. 

On behalf of Langford Lanes, I am so thankful to have each and every one of you choose our house as your house. Should anyone have any questions, other concerns, or wish to meet one on one at a different date and time regarding tablet training, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Contact us if interested

Langford Lanes & City Centre Park | Office: 250.391.1738 ext 249

leagues@citycentrepark.ca | www.citycentrepark.ca

1097 Langford Parkway, Victoria BC, V9B 0A5

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